Müller waste disposal equipment

UAB “Aplinkos svara” is a Lithuanian company representing German company “Muller” in the Baltic States. “Muller” manufactures and supplies multifunction specialised liquid waste disposal equipment. This equipment can be standard or adapted to your specific needs. It can be effectively used for liquid waste removal and pipework cleaning under highly pressurised water. Muller offers a wide range of equipment starting from lower capcity equipment suitable for liquid waste removal and pipework cleaning for private houses, to highly powerful suitable for cleaning big pipework networks. The equipment can also be designed to collect hazarduos materials as well as oil and petrol separation and cleaning.

Modern innovations are incorporated into our product corresponding to all EU environmental requirements. One of such innovations is a special water cleaning technology which allows the water to be reused many times when cleaning pipes. This allows to save water resources and reduce cleaning costs.

The company is certified with DIN EN ISO 9001 industrial standard.

On your demand our specialists can consult you to determine and choose the most effective equipment which fits to your needs. We also offer service and spare part supply for our product.

In case of interest second hand equipment is also available.

Present your needs – we present your solution!