Presona compacting equipment

UAB Aplinkos svara is a Lithuanian company representing Sweedish compacting equipment producer Presona in the Baltic States. Presona is the complete supplier of compacting equipment to more than 60 countries since 1971. All balers have the unique pre-press system once developed by Presona. We also supply waste extraction plants for effective handling of paper waste from print shops, paperboard and packaging industry and sorting plants for recovery of recyclables from municipal waste. In case of demand we can also offer and supply second hand equipment.

At the moment Presona can offer the following types of waste handling equipment.

1. The SP Series balers are suitable for printers, bookbinders, central warehouses and other businesses requiring mill size bales of small quantities of material.
2. The LP Series balers are heavy duty balers for professional users with high demands on a reliable, fully automatic operation. The LP channel balers handle material quantities from 4 to over 50 tonnes per hour.
3. The Sorting Plants for cost effective recovery of recyclable fractions from municipal solid waste.
4. The Waste Extraction System offers the total solution for rational and effective handling of paper rejects from the graphic industry, from paper and cardboard manufacturers and from the packaging industry.

It is very important that Presona is supplying not only separate baling equipment but also fully automatic and highly effective waste handling systems designed according client’s needs.

To choose the right equipment for your needs, a few basic facts are determining:

1. Required throughput per hour in tonnes or cubic metres
2. The charasteristics/type of material to be baled
3. Desired bale size and weight

On your demand our specialists can come and help you to determine the above facts in choosing the most effective waste handling system without any costs or prior agreements. We also offer service for our equipment.

Beside the waste handling equipment we can also offer the following brand new and second hand equipment from Western Europe:

•    waste collection vehicles;
•    liquid waste disposal and pipework cleaning equipment;
•    industrial vacuum cleaners for stationary and mobile needs.

Present your needs – we present your solution!