Waste soting

UAB „Aplinkos Svara“ designs and installs waste sorting systems.

To choose the right equipment for your needs, a few basic facts are determining:

  1. Required throughput per hour in tonnes or cubic metres
  2. The charasteristics/type of material to be baled (cardboard, paper, plastic, etc.)
  3. Layout of the premises where sorting equipment is going to be installed.

We can offer and adapt second hand or new equipment fabricated in Lithuania for our sorting systems. This would help to reduce the equipment cost significantly.

On your demand our specialists can come and help you to determine the above facts in choosing the most effective waste handling system without any costs or prior agreements. We also offer service for our equipment.

You present your needs – we present your solution!

Do not forget that by sorting waste you are not only saving the environment but also collect approximately 40% of useful materials which can be sold and recycled!

 Presavimo įranga


1. Receiving Conveyor + Bag Opener
The waste arriving from different sources, municipal cleaners, industrial areas, local garbage collection companies, is tipped on the receiving conveyor. A bag opener can be placed here in which waste bags are opened and emptied. The waste is transported onto the feeding conveyor.
 2. Feeding conveyor
The inclining conveyor belt transports the waste to the pre-sorting station
 3. Vibrating Screen
The vibrating screen separates the small pieces to make the manual sorting easier.
 4. Bunker conveyors
The bunker conveyors feed the sorted fractions to the baler’s feeding conveyor.
 5. Sorting stations
The number of required fractions to be sorted determine the design of the sorting platform and stations. The different fractions are manually sorted and dropped in the bunker chutes.
6. Magnetic separator
The over-band magnet separates steel objects from the waste.
7. Metal press
The steel is pressed to manageable bales.
8. Feeding conveyor
After sorting the material is fed to the balers.
9. Baler for recyclables
Compacts the different fractions to dense bales. The baler is equipped with a quick-select function for high-efficient and easy baling of different materials.
10. Baler for garbage
Bales the residues after sorting. The baler can be equipped with a small conveyor under the tying unit for continous cleaning of spillage under the needles.
11. Wrapper
Wraps the garbage bales in plastic film. The wrapped bales are air-, water- and vermin proof and can be stored outdoors.