DISAB vacuum cleaners

UAB Aplinkos svara is a Lithuanian company representing Sweedish company DISAB in the Baltic States. DISAB produces and supplies highly powerful industrial vacuum cleaners for mobile and stationary needs. Vacuum cleaners have both suction and pressurised discharge capabilities. Almost any type of the material which fits into the suction hose can be collected and transported to 100m height. This equipment is also suitable for collection of hazardous materials as well as petrol and oil collection and separation. All vacuum cleaners are non standard and can be adapted to your needs. Such vacuum stations are obvious choice for such industries as concrete, cement, paper, food and others where efficiency, high safety and high EU environmental standards are a priority.

In case of demand we can also offer and supply second hand equipment.

At the moment DISAB offers the following types of vacuum cleaners.

1. Mobile vacuum cleaners designed to collect and transport industrial spillages. 20cm suction hoses allow large lumps of the material to be transported and lifted to 100m height. A unique filter solution gives dust emission of only 1,3mg/m³ and a special noise reduction system reduces noise up to 7dBA (at 7m distance from unit). Vacuum pumps have 3 years warranty.

2. Stationary electical (from 5 up to 160kW) and diesel low noise vacuum cleaners designed to collect and transport material in closed systems. A fixed installation consists mainly of a vacuum unit, a filter separator and a pipe work system, where collected material is conveyed. The size of the vacuum unit is matched to the suction distance, type of material, number of simultaneously operators and the stipulated quantity of material to be removed. DISAB offers both stationary units and full suction systems including pipe work and filter separators.


On your demand our specialists can come and help you to determine and choose the most effective vacuum cleaning system, which fits to your needs without any costs or prior agreements. We also offer erection of our systems as well as service and spare part supply for our equipment.

Beside the mobile and stationary vacuum cleaning equipment we can also offer the following brand new and second hand equipment from Scandinavia:

•    waste collection vehicles;
•    shredders and treatment technology equipment;
•    waste compacting and sorting equipment

Present your needs – we present your solution!